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Hi Gang!

Enjoy these web clips of The New Jack Hippies and our friends! Some are song videos, and some are from live performances. Many feature friends of the band, or some of the great artists who drop by to sit-in, including (on a rotating basis until we get more server space) Gloria Edwards, Kool B, Trudy Lynn, Carolyn Wonderland, Billy Joe Shaver, Calvin Owens, Tracy Conover, Sonny Boy Terry, Billy Block, Heath Spencer Philip, Opie Hendrix, Sandy Hickey, Jerald Gray, Tyri Schiek, or Little Joe Washington!
Others feature our friends, old and new, such as Brad Absher, Jonathan Byrd, Motograter, Dubtex, LunateX, Hollister Fracus, Tin Henry, Bad Acid Trip, Los Skarnales, Chango Jackson, The Hightailers,
Sisters Morales, Hayes Carll, Vince Bell, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Gurf Morlix & Opie Hendrix, We're here for the music! -Guy Schwartz

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Episode 0809 -
BluesGuy's Birthday Jam #8 - 17FEB2008
(2008) (community fest) large file
At the granddaddy of Texas house concerts, Big Al Bettis, Mandy Mercier, and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies celebrate Guy's birthday at 'BluesGuy's Birthday Jam #8' in MArlo & Guy's yard in Houston, Texas, USA!

Episode 0808 -
FREE PRESS HOUSTON Block Party - 12APR2008
(2008) (community fest) large file
Arts & music on the streets of Montrose in Houston, Texas, USA! Features Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies, Rebel Crew, Buxton, Lovie, Perseph1, Basses Loaded, Z-Rocks, The Defenestration Unit, Poopy Lungstuffing, Giant Battle Monster, more...

Episode 0714 -
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps
(2007) (Blues/R&B/Rock/Americana) large file
In the summer of 2007, Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps came home to Texas for a few days, playing live as a bare-bones four-piece band in Houston at The Howling Coyote. Terry Wilson's songs really shine as he, Teresa, Billy Watts and Jim Kilgore bring it all back home!

Episode 0806 -
SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2008 - First Look (ruff)
(2008) (festival-30 bands) large file
This is a quick ruff collection of rough clips without mixed sound from this year's shoot, featuring performances by Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies, Z-Rocks, Al B, Big Al Bettis, David Sha, Fahl & Dahl, Tommy Dardar, James Reese Project, Miles Ahead, LL Cooper, Jambolism, Mike Blas, DR King Cobra & The Texas Dub Crusaders, Tressie Seegers, Adrian & The Sickness, Mary Allen & El Gato Negrito, The Defenestration Unit, Herschel Berry,, House Of Moist, PJ Flowers, Romeo Dogs, Paula Maya, Karega Ani, orange is in, The Hates, Dune, TX, Sweet City Action, Happy Anarchy, de Sangre, Chaz Nadege, Leslie Newman, Johnny Smith, and The McKenzie's.

Episode 0519 -
The Formaldehyde Funk Men
(2005) (hiphop/documentary) large file
In the winter of 2004-2005, Mr. Scarface put together a cool 1-piece funk band. They only performed twice, but one of those was in Houston at Numbers with The New Jack Hippies, and we had the cameras going!

Episode 0804 -
SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2006 - 'Performances'
(2008) (festival-40 bands) large file
Fondue Monks, The Big Sticks, Hamilton Loomis, From Tha Bottom, Sean Walters, Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies, de Sangre, Damm Fool, Jimmy Deen, Joe Kowan, Don Walsh, Organ Failure, Collective Hallucination, Rozz Zamorano, Little Brother Project, Ill, Koo Rod, Noel Eskew, Opie Hendrix, T-Bone , orange is in, Scott Daniels Band, bully pulpit, Vibe Committee, J.B. Money, Bigg Nayy, Kris Knudsen, The Living Dolls

Episode 0613 -
North Carolina - 20 Days at a Time Part 1
(2006) (Americana/musical journal) large file
In the summer of 2006, Guy Schwartz and MArlo Blue set up shop at Donna's house, to edit the footage from SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2006, and let Guy do his thing, finding new musical opportunities and collaborationswith the musicians of the southeast. Features Billy Joe Shaver, Jonathan Byrd, Paco Shipp, Diamondback Texas, Dave Turner.

Episode 0404 -
Bloodless Revolution In Amsterdam
(2003) (rock, blues) large file
Carolyn Wonderland takes the whole band to Amsterdam, celebrating her birthday and rocking the crowd at Maloe Melo, Amsterdam's home of the blues! we're showing this one now - in advance of this years WonderJam In Amsterdam in November.

Episode 0610 -
SXDE2006 Pt.2 - Giancarlo & Scotty
(2006) (rock, jam) large file
Performances from MArlo Blue's Guerilla Marketing Experiment. Featured artists are The Scott Daniels Band and The Big Sticks...

(2004) (documentary) large file
A weekend celebration of Houston Blues and the Houston, Texas, USA blues community. Stars Trudy Lynn, Gloria Edwards, Little Joe Washington, Andy Williams and a bunch of the Houston blues community

Episode 0411 - DROP TRIO
(2004) (documentary) large file
Drop Trio performs improvisational jazz and funk at SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2004 at Super Happy Fun Land In Houston, Texas, USA.

(2004) (rock, blues, americana) large file
Guy Schwartz & the New Jack Hippies visit Bluesey Frank van Engelen & Ewoud at BLUESIANA RADIO on community radio in The Netherlands. Interviews and unplugged music on a night off during WonderJam in Amsterdam 2004.

Episode 0605 -
(2004) (blues) large file
Michael Heyman Live @ Fitzgerald's! Joined by bassist Guy Schwartz & drummer Troy Guillett, Michael Heyman plays guitar and performs on the Joe's Roadhouse Live series. February 2006

Episode 0612 -
(2006) (Americana/folk/acoustic blues) large file
Guy Schwartz & Jonathan Byrd have fun pickin' and singing at the Hampton Inn in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.August, 2006

Episode 0607 - Western Beat/Houston 5.26.2006
(2006) (americana/music series) large file
Billy Block & Guy schwartz present a monthly live show and television series with guests Jack Saunders, Mandy Smith, Rose & Ben, plus co-host Schwartz and his New Jack Western Beat Hippies house band.

Episode 0606 - SOUTH BY DUE EAST 2006 Part 1
(2006) (indie music/documentary) large file
Live performances from MArlo Blue's Guerilla marketing Experiment features Hamilton Loomis, Fondue Monks, de Sangre, Noel Eskew, orange is in, Rozz Zamorano. March.2006

Episode 0522 - Billy Block's Western Beat Houston Reunion
(2006) (documentary) large file
Nashville's Billy Block comes home to Texas for a special night of musical fum with his old friends in Houston, Texas, USA. . Stars Billy Block, Guy Schwartz, Dr. Rockit, Jack Saunders, Z-Rocks, Rosalee & Ben

Episode 0401 - This BONEMAN
(2004) (documentary) large file
Testimonials to the late Bil 'Boneman 'Gonce', reporter for MUSIC NEWS and patron/supporter of the local music scene in Houston, Texas, USA for thirty years. Includes photos, music and audio from Bil's late night radio show. Bil will be missed, and these testimonials from the Music Scene (including Carolyn Wonderland, John Nova Lomax, The Hunger's Stephen Bogle, Guy Schwartz, WilSpace, Kevin Wildman, Opie Hendrix, Sonny James, Harry O, E.P. Vallejo, and many more...) show why.

(2005) (rock, blues) large file
The Hightailers take the rock-n-roll music to the streets on Labor Day eve, just one step ahead of the authorities. This progressive party moves from location to location, and the Rev. Bryan Taylor says it's because he doesn't want to clean up the yard after a party.

Episode 0521 - JACINTO CITY
(2005) (documentary) large file
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies in concert with guest guitarist Opie Hendrix and rapper Litarodi.

(2005) (americana, acoustic) large file
Starring Vince Bell, Fred J. Eaglesmith, Susan Gibson, Slaide Cleaves, Walt Wilkins, Warren Hood, John Dee Graham, Guy Forsythe, Brandon Rhyder.I was there to play with Vince, and MArlo got some beautiful footage....

(2005) (blues) large file
Starring Little Joe Washington with appearances from the Carolyn Wonderland Band, plus Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies. Anytime I get to hang with Little Joe, the music is great and the pace is chaotic!

Episode 0501 - BLUESGUY'S Rock-N-Roll HOUSE PARTY - Part 2
(2005) (rock-n-roll, blues) large file
Starring Opie Hendrix, Jimmy Deen, P.J. Flowers, and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies. This year, I had my annual birthday jam in the back yard with The New Jack Hippies and a dozen guests. Part 2 features Opie Hendrix, Jimmy Deen & P.J. Flowers

Episode 0508 - BLUESGUY'S Rock-N-Roll HOUSE PARTY - Part 4
(2005) (rock-n-roll, blues) large file
Starring Chango Jackson, Buster Pennington and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies. We painted the grass blue, made a movie, and jammed into the night.
Part 4 features Chango Jackson, Buster Pennington and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies

The House Is Burning Down
Guy & Roger visit Billy Block's Western Beat - 1999
Live at The Exit/In From Nashville

Ain't Got Time For The Blues
Guy Schwartz' special all-star Hippie set at the earthwire.net's Sayonara Jam, featuring Tony Xpress & Mojo Jackson - 2003
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Join Carolyn Wonderland's Wonderjam 2004
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies participate at Wonderjam In Amsterdam 2004. This first ruff cut includes performances by Carolyn Wonderland Trio, Austin Volunteer Orchestra, Wayne Sutton, Scott Daniels, Matt Hubbard, D Brown Fisher and Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies.
All Thru Loving You
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies do the two drummer thing at The Warehouse Music Cafe, Houston, Texas, USA - October, 2003
Hippies In YOUR House!
New Jack Hippies feature Lyric Osiris at 420 Fest 2003
Baby Loves The Blues
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies perform on Joe's Roadhouse Live with guest guitarist Alan Haynes - 2003
Right Now / Love vs. The World
The creative process is up for discussion, as Guy Schwartz, Jerald Gray and Roger Tausz perform two songs at KPFT, Cardi's and on the road. 2001
Under Suspicion
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies perform at
Dan Electros Guitar Bar circa 1999

Birthday Jam 2004 Movie Opening Segment
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies get ready for Bluesguy's Birthday Jam #4 in 2004. Sound check, set up, and credits from the upcoming film...
Kool B's Birthday Jam
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies back up Texas poet Kool B at Bluesguy's Birthday Jam #2 in 2002. This highlight reel from all three Birthday parties includes film of Opie Hendrix, Calvin Owens, Gloria Edwards, Z-Rocks, Little Joe Washington, Rick Lee, Smokin' Joe Montes, Sandy Hickey, Tyri Schiek, Teri Greene, and many more...
Since My Baby Went Away
Big-Band bluesman Calvin Owens and Houston Blues Society president Sandy Hickey join Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies at Bluesguy's Birthday Jam #2 in 2002.

Ain't Got Time (For The Blues)
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Feature Gloria Edwards -Rhythm Room, Houston, Texas, USA - 2003

Happy Birthday, Guy!
Little Joe Washington & Guy Schwartz perform at Bluesguy's Birthday Jam #4
Playin' With Little Joe
Little Joe Washington & Guy Schwartz perform at The Zydeco Cafe, Pearland, Texas, USA June 2001

Ladies & gentlemen - Miss Trudy Lynn
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Feature Miss Trudy Lynn at Rhythm Room, Houston, Texas, USA - March, 2003

What You Give/You Should Have Told Me
Guy Schwartz & Heath Spencer Philip perform acoustically on the old webcam at Silky's Blues Bar - Houston, Texas, USA June 2001
Hound Dog
Fun video features Heath Spencer Philip (1998), with Guy Schwartz, Teri Greene & Leesa Squyres in the band!

SXDE Clip Show
Many bands, poets and folksingers perform at Marlo Blue's first South By Due East marketing experiment 30 minute program includes Chango Jackson, Hollister Fracus, The New Jack Hippies, Los Skarnales, The Mirrors, David LeJeune, Justin Nava, Gloria Edwards, K'Mante, Opie Hendrix, Giancarlo's Big Stick, Poets for Peace, more... SXDE2003
Poetry In Reverse Live!
The Secret Beat Society performs at Houston's Diverse Works. This video work-in-progress is now (1.04.04) twenty minutes long, with pieces of Mike McGuire's stage production, featuring performances by Aaron Trumm, Kool B, Ragah El the International, Lyric Osiris and Alex Wukman, music by The Secret beat Society Band, and short films by Marlo Blue.
Western Beat
Guy Schwartz returns with The New Jack Hippies to Billy Block's Western Beat - Rusty Young and Eric Holt join the fun! 30 minute program filmed at Nashville's Exit/In - 2001
Bil 'The Boneman' Gonce dedicated his time and his life to the musicians and the music in the local music scene. Film includes testimonials from Stephen Bogle, Guy Schwartz, Jimmy Deen, E.P.Vallejo, Carolyn Wonderland, John Lomax, and more...

Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Videos!

Small War (broadband) (dial-up)
Guy Schwartz says' "Its just a small war! You won't even notice it! You won't feel a thing!" From the CD 'TEXACOUSTICANA', this new version of the video includes animated footage from WilSpace!
The Ballad Of Fearless Diablo
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies Animated Video, featuring our cartoon mascot - 'The Beast' out for a drive, mixed in with Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies tour footage. Directed By Wil Space. From the CD 'ROCK ONWARD'
Enjoy Yer Life
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies collaboration with Reggae great Tony Xpress for the background music, and take photos at Jerald Gray's home in Houston's Fifth Ward.
A Boatful of Hippies In Amsterdam
Footage from the moment of creation, as Guy Schwartz & the band jam on the boat and come up with a new song!
Mexican Tulips
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies are joined by Jimmy Deen & Randy Soffar on a new country song from the TEXACOUSTICANA CD.
Let The Rain Fall Down
New music video from Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies new R&B album titled 'BLUE MOTEL', one of four CDs in the boxed set by Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies from 2004!
I Won't Run
Shot in Amsterdam. From the CD 'ROCK ONWARD', this tune reminds some folks of Peter Gabriel's work with Tony Levin.
But The Night
Guy Schwartz' Road scenery video with Great Sunsets from Texas, Colorado and Wyoming! From the CD 'TEXACOUSTICANA'
2003 Houston Press Music Awards
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies perform 'The House Is Burning Down' with special guests Gloria Edwards, Opie Hendrix and Nelson Mills III. Includes brief tribute to Joe 'Guitar' Hughes

Billy Joe Shaver - songs for Eddy
Two songs from Billy Joe Shaver & The Diamondbacks, recorded live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. RJuly, 15, 2006
Blaze Foley Tribute
Kevin Triplett never met our friend Blaze Foley, but he was inspired to make a film about him. On January 31st, he gathered many of Blaze's friends, including Gurf Morlix, Calvin Russell, Mandy Mercier and J.T. Van Zandt, to view some footage and sing some songs. Recorded at Ruta Maya in Austin, Texas, USA - January, 2004
The Band Of Wonder
Carolyn Wonderland, Jerry Lightfoot and Vince Welnick front this band. Recorded at The last Concert Cafe in Houston, Texas, USA - May, 2003
Friends I Saw In Austin Last Week
Live performances from Sisters Morales, Hayes Carll and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Recorded during SXSW time at Threadgill's and Sonny James neighborhood - March, 2003
The Brad Absher Band
Our friends Jeremiah Hamilton, Teri Greene and Jimmy Rose join Brad on this 1 minute clip from a performance at The Rhythm Room in Houston, Texas, USA - Jan 2004

Heath & John In The back Of The Van
Heath Spencer Philip and John Chupin are a crack-up, as Chaz' video of them riding in the back of the van proves. It's late, late at night on the New Jack Hippies 2001 tour.
The World's Strongest Blowflower Thing!
Puppeteer (and keyboardist for Carolyn Wonderland) Cole El-Saleh brings life to RALPH the Sock-puppet in this one minute silly thing shot in Amsterdam Amsterdam...
With Wonderland In Amsterdam
Guy & Marlo spend a November afternoon in Amsterdam, with Carolyn Wonderland, her band and some friends. The location is a park between The Rijksmuseum and The Van Gogh. There's music, too, as Wonderland and Schwartz find new melodies in a musical sculpture, and a busker blows the roof off of Bach!
Peace Conspiracy Jam
Pieces of the road, as the New Jack Hippies play thru the holidays in 2001. Footage of the band at The Peace Conspiracy Festival in 38 degree Missouri mix with a Florida motel, as Teri Greene's comments about Xmas carols inspire a new carol for Ramadan.
Guy Forsyth - Sawing Over The Rainbow!
Guy Forsyth filmed by Guy Schwartz as Forsyth plays the SAW! Plays it with a BOW! Three minute short filmed at Rhythm Room, Houston, Texas - 2003
Lost In Time, Lost In Love
Guy Schwartz & The New Jack Hippies participate at a music festival where the business was not performed as well as the music. As the real party hours approached on night #1, the promoters chickened out and shut the doors, and LunateX, BMC and Andrei Morant were told that they will not perform or get paid. Even the ensuing arguments between artist reps and promoters - and a visit by the police - couldn't stop the music. Film features great performances by Dubtex, Motograter, Los Skarnales, Tin Henry, Chris Anderson, Levon Louis, CitiZEN Change, Brio Kids, Hollister Fracus, Bad Acid Trip, Pilot Radio, The Handsomes, The Houston Police Department, and a bunch of weird, middle-aged promoters who wanted to stop the party and have Ickoo (of The BRIO KIDS) thrown in jail.
Directed Guy Schwartz - this is the first cut, and has a few glitches...

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